Be Warned!

Hi.  I’m Molly.  I’m the new kid on the block.  I read blogs like,, and several others.  My apologies, I don’t feel like writing a grand introduction at the moment.  I just want to jump right in.  Just act like you know me and I’ll act like I know you.  We’ll get to know each other along the way.

Please Note:  I’m a bit apprehensive about starting this blog.  My perfectionist tendencies during the writing process in general may be just enough to put me over the edge.  Writing does not come… quickly to me.  This post alone might take all of two hours.  This new hobby may interfere with my zillion other interests.  I happen to have the oldest living laptop known to man upon my lap as we speak.  This ole dog may not have what it takes to zip up my photos in reasonable real time.  Be warned…the day blogging becomes a daunting chore and a time-waster is the day I quit posting.  The day I waste your time, quit reading.  Be warned, the second this becomes a hassle, I’m out.  Out like a trout!  Be warned, I might not post for a few weeks.  Be warned, this back-burner hobby may never boil.  Be warned, I may put you to sleep.  I may put myself to sleep.  But for now, I have too many ideas in my head to just sit on the sidelines and be an envious spectator of my blogging buddies.  (Some don’t even know I’m their buddy yet, hehe.)  I’m going to join in the action already.  I’ve got to stop threatening to begin this endeavor and like Nike, Just Do It!

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