I Should Know Better


Good morning, lovely morning. Sun is rising, birds are chirping, cookies are in the oven…

Hey, I’m taking them to work tomorrow…to share.

Confession: I’m taking half the day off tomorrow to study for Bio.

Yes my friends, this means I will be stuck, in a house, trying to resist chocolate brownie cookies for most of my waking hours today and half of tomorrow whilst studying.

I’m 21, I know better than to make cookies before 8 am! I have proven to myself time and time again that even my highest willpower cannot defeat fresh-from-the-oven cookies.

A downward spiral often starts with a taste of the dough or batter. You know the kind. This may not even be a planned lick, the kind where you say to yourself, “Self, this is your one and only dip.” There is no such thing. Or your first taste can simply be a “justified” lick intended to innocently clean off your sticky cookie dough finger. You think, mmm, just one more….

The first batch goes into the oven. You know it’s too soon, but 5 minutes go by and you pull out the sheet to check on the cookies. A quick inspection confirms your hypothesis, they will need an additional 3 minutes in the oven.

You start to pace and don’t know why. (But deep down, you really know why.) Pretty soon the oven light is on and your sitting Indian-style in front of it, gazing through the grease-speckled glass onto your shiny baking beauties.

The next thing you know, you find yourself hovering over the hot cookie sheet with a carton of vanilla ice cream in one hand, and a peanut butter spoon in the other. Double fisting it, cause that’s how you roll.

You spoon some warm gooey cookie, dip it in the ice cream (twice actually, to remove crumbs), and repeat in that order until your spoon runs out of peanut butter.

Banana bread, coffee cake, or something of that nature is a way better choice when I’m baking for taking and trying to resist eating half. Nobody notices one less cookie, but a loaf with a few slices missing may be a little obvious. I should know better.

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