I’m a Squirrel

Okay, first off, let me just ask who in their right mind would Goodwill* a like-new NikePRO bra?  These little babies retail for roughly 28 dollars.  It caught my eye as I strolled past the underwear section at Goodwill today.  And while I don’t advise you to rush out and buy used undergarments at secondhand stores, let me assure you that this bra was in mint condition.  In fact, 98% of the things I purchase at Goodwill look like they have never ever been used.  The other 2% are cool enough to buy even if they do look slightly worn.  When a blind squirrel keeps finding nuts in unexpected places his eyesight begins to gets better and not just because they are rich in vitamin E, but because he begins to recognize all the random places they can be found and searches for them.  I can’t begin to tell you how many bargains I have come across, and for that… I’m a cured squirrel with a belly full of nuts.

In other news, today was above average in a different way.  I attended a Ladies Night at a local cycle shop.  They had a nice little clinic on bicycle maintenance, stylish cycling clothing, and nutrition (yay).  Tonight they had door prizes, sales, goodie bags, and refreshments.  I also bought a super cool technical shirt.

*Goodwill; [verb], -ed
1. act of willingly donating unwanted possessions to charity.
Ex: Someone Goodwilled an awesome 28 dollar bra.

2.  [verb], -ing act/art of shopping in a second hand store.                                                            Ex: I went Goodwilling today and would like to thank the person who donated my lucky find.  It made my day.

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