The HCC!

At this time I have 1,2,3…18 white office paper boxes stacked in my bedroom labeled things like “Tupperware,” “Dish Towels,” and  “Rags.”  (Because you just never know when you will need a scrap of old corduroy to dust with.)  I’ve collected nearly everything I foresee needing when I move out and have probably only spent a total of 30 dollars on everything.  Not because I shop at Goodwill, (these are all high quality goods) but because after my run-in with Abbey’s *chubby mugs, (*please reference if necessary to avoid confusion) I’ve been the grandchild, niece, and daughter asking for Pyrex baking dishes and micro fiber dishcloths for Christmas.  So many of these items were gifts.  These 18 white paper boxes are lovingly referred to as my HCC!  Hope Chest Collection!  Even the boxes themselves were acquired long before I started storing things in them because I knew they would eventually be useful.  Yep, whenever my job would get a new paper shipment, the empty boxes were up for grabs and I managed to snag 25 or so in the last three years that I‘ve been working in my community college’s accounting department.  The HCC is full and excited and sitting anxiously, patiently waaaaitingg (*slightly creepy/she’s-off-her-rocker voice) for that fateful day when I, their Master, say, “Okay HCC, we’re all movin’ out!!”

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