Know Thy Self

Ten points for anyone who can look at these FIRST TWO pictures and guess what I’m doing before scrolling down more. View to my left, view to my right.

I’m  studying in my car!  Yes, that’s even a pushpin holding my notes to the back of a seat.  After 21 years of living in myself I have grown to know thyself quite well…

I know that if a bowl of fruit and a bowl of candy are placed in front of me I will eat the fruit, and pocket the candy (fruit spoils faster.)

I am aware that I have sudden and intense urges to brush my teeth, so I keep paste and floss near by at all times.

I know that I can run for three hours straight, but ask me to do pull-ups and I’m lucky to get five in.

I know that my take-home bags hardly ever make it home.

When I put laundry in the washer before bed with the intention of switching them to the dryer later, I know that the clothes are likely to go untouched until morning.

If you ask me to skip a workout I know I’ll go crazy… ask me to skip dessert and I’ll call you crazy.

I know that if I don’t shower at the gym, it probably won’t happen later either.

I can fight off a craving all night but I know a crinkling wrapper will wake me from my slumber.  Then I will zombie walk to the kitchen with outstretched arms.

I know that pool water won’t get any warmer while I sit on the edge, but sometimes that doesn’t help.

I know that I will spend at least 30 minutes of my day looking for lost items; cell phone, wallet, etc.

After a shopping day I know that it’s normal for me to only buy one thing and consider it a success.

I know that telling Weston, “this post will only take 15 minutes” won’t make it take any less than 30 (sorry love almost done.)

I also happen to know that if intense studying is to be done and I don’t isolate myself on a deserted car island, you’ll find me folding underwear, watering my chives, or counting carpet threads.  Being locked in my car is the only way,  I’ve learned, that I can actually enjoy the day and be homeworkingly productive.

So when you drive past a randomly parked Camry and see a blond in the back, you’ll know it’s me.  You’ll say, “Oh that’s just Molly studying in her car.  At least she knows herself.”

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6 Responses to Know Thy Self

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  3. Professor William says:

    Greetings Molly. I have read the three “articles” that you gave to me. Yes, of course, I enjoyed reading them. You, in my opinion, have superb creative writing skills.
    Your inspirational written expressions encouraged me to return to my undergraduate years. During that period of time, I studied transcendentalism.
    By the way, your “Know Thy Self” took me back to Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. I think that you would enjoy reading some of their works.
    I think that I mentioned to you that devoted a considerable amount of time to the expression “know thy self”. If my memory serves me correctly, Socrates also wrote about knowing oneself.
    Molly, I will attempt to write comments as promised.
    Have you located the time to read any of Og Mandino’s works. His Scroll IV, I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle is very inspirational and spiritual. I sent that to you in that email.
    Thank you for providing me with this introduction to you creative writing skills. And thank you for being you.
    Professor William

    • Molly says:

      Professor William,

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I appreciate the kind words. I will continue to write for other’s enjoyment as well as my own amusement. I will soon look up Emerson, Thoreau, and Mandino’s work. The foreign last names sound very Greek to me, but you make them sound enticing.


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