Anatomy According To My Notes

I have some surprising news for you.  Even when I’m completely engrossed in one of my super stimulating, super intense, super intensely mind-blowing classes my attention wanes and my pen tends to wander.  I’m still listening to the teacher but I absent-mindedly end up practicing my drawing, handwriting and signature in my note’s margins.  It enhances my anatomy notes.  You know…in case the dietetics thing doesn’t work out and I end up writing a comic strip for the Bumpkin Bulletin and live in a van down by the river with my 9 ½ kids and pet turtles.  Always have a back up plan…

I’m gifted at drawing curly ribbons.I can draw steamy popcorn soup.I make exquisite flowers.And a mean 3D heart.

Here’s a fine example of some of my arrows. I also specialize in block letters. This is the day I learned how to draw a face AND smile without picking up the pen!I must have been feeling very peaceful on this day.And frazzled on this day.But I can’t explain these two.Feel free to share any of these illustrations if you know of a newspaper in need of a up-and-coming talent.  You know…in case the dietetics thing doesn’t work out.

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