Confession then Questions

Confession: I watch the online virtual tour of our soon-to-be-apartment at least once a day.

I study the layout; imagining where each piece of furniture will go and if a rug would look nice.  I study the cabinetry and drawers; deciding where to put the flashlight and spare batteries, casserole dishes, and utensils that are too big for the silverware divider.  I scan for electrical outlets and predict what each one will power.  I wonder if there is one in the pantry (for the microwave, so it doesn’t take up valuable counter space.)

I ponder things like, whether or not a magnetic knife rack is worth the money or if we get a wall-mounted TV how will we hide the cords and hook up a DVD player?  What is the maximum height our garbage can can be before it bumps into the bottom of the sink?    Should I invest in a freestanding bike rack or a wall hook to prevent carpet tire stains?  The hook would make for easier vacuuming I think, but it would make wall holes.   How tall is the lowest shelf in the kitchen pantry, this will determine how big our charcoal bin can be.  Will I learn to make due with only 6 square inches of bathroom counter space?

I wonder about the windows.  How wide are they?  How tall are the curtain rods, can they somehow hang blinds? (I think blinds would look better.)  What wattage/how frosted do we want our light bulbs so that our apartment stays serene and calming at night?  If we get an over-the-door shoe rack and hang it inside our closet, is the closet deep enough so that our hanging clothes don’t get dirty and our shoes don’t get squished?

I’ll let you know.

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5 Responses to Confession then Questions

  1. Mom says:

    I wonder things like who will clean up after you? Maybe the cleaning fairy is going to live with you. I ponder… how will you afford all of your organic health foods? Not to mention an endless supply of peanut butter. I wonder do you know bathrooms need to be cleaned and garbage cans don’t empty themselves? I ponder… will you miss me as much as I am going to miss you?

  2. Katie Parr says:

    Molly! I found your blog–yay! Love reading your entries! And I have to admit, I’m borderline obsessed with apartment tours online, too. lol I’m always on or looking for potential places. Of course, it all comes down to price. Due to my part time job right now, I guess it will be a while before I can actually move out again.

    • Molly says:

      Thanks so much for checking it out! I’m so silly watching it over and over. I pause and replay parts several times before I’m satisfied to proceed (even though I’ve seen it a thousand times.) Yes, price is the number one thing. Ours will be pretty reasonable- we will pay one monthly bill, (it is all inclusive) which makes payments super easy. It also comes fully furnished with the option of putting their furniture in storage for the time being if we so choose.

      Isn’t it crazy how movies portray the “artsy young adult” living in a renovated apartment above a downtown laundry mat or bakery or Chinese take-out place and they have the sweetest apartment ever? (Rusty fire-escape and all.) I’m talking high warehouse ceilings, brick walls, and vintage appliances in the kitchen. And then you go out looking for something like that, “with potential,” and there seems to be nothing like that out there to make your own.

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