New Members to the HCC & How Many Water Bottles Were Found Living in My Car

In Julie’s words… garage sale-ing this weekend was the JAM!  After teaching spin Saturday morning…I was in garage sale heaven.  Picture a wild-eyed blond still in her spandex spin clothes and running shoes, sprinting across lawns from house to house with a few sweaty fives in her bra…that was me.  (<may or may not have been an exaggeration)  I realized how garage-sale-in-the-zone I become yesterday, when a little boy came out of nowhere and in the softest and sweetest little boy voice said, “Excuse me, would you like to buy a rice krispie treat?”  Stunned Flabbergasted, it was all I could do to keep from slapping him and answering, “Buzz Off Shorty.  Can’t you see I’m searching this box for matching Mason jar lids?!”  Instead I  pretended to be sane, smiled, and replied kindly, “Oh, no thank you, maybe later.”

Please welcome the newest members to the HCC.  I acquired this lovely white silverware divider, clear plastic butter dish, still-in-the-plastic cutting board, Aladdin baking dish thermos, and stone fruit bowl.  I also found this forest green bathroom basket/shelf set at one house and the matching newspaper/firewood holder two houses later.   We will probably use it to hold blankets.  As I told my dad, I’m going for the “rustic/modern Colorado cottage look” (because the carpet is dark green and Colorado is cool.)  We’ll see how that goes.   Okay…I’ll stop talking about my obsession to find coordinating, bargain, functional yet stylish housewares.

I wanted to add my one and only Smart Water brand bottle to the picture to look cool, but I didn't. Or it was an afterthought and I was to lazy to retake the picture.

In other news, fourteen plastic water bottles were found living and rescued from my car.  They were promptly refilled and put back in the fridge.  (Yes, I know, reusing that plastic is bad for health but I’m still searching for the PERFECT reusable canteen.)

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2 Responses to New Members to the HCC & How Many Water Bottles Were Found Living in My Car

  1. Bethany Zerbonia says:

    I think my car has at least that many water bottles in it too!

  2. Molly says:

    Yes… It’s not uncommon at the end of the week.

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