Got Ghosts?

I literally had to pat myself on the back after capturing this picture of a car magnet, going 40, in a construction zone, while curling a 10lb hand weight.  Just kidding (I paused my reps to snap the shot.)  Would you believe that there was also a streaky handprint smeared across the back window?  That’s just something you don’t see every day.

I don’t know what else to say in conjunction with this strange photo other than always feel free to comment on anything on this site.  I’m delighted to see an increase of “followers” (or at least spectators,) as my site viewing stats continue to rise.  Please know that your comments are cherished and encouraged.  A few short sentences from you may (and normally does) make my day, especially from people that I’ve never met.  Or you can always just lecture me on the importance of not taking pictures and weight lifting while driving.  Have a great day!

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2 Responses to Got Ghosts?

  1. Mom says:

    Yes… I’d love to comment on your driving activities. WATCH the road… quit lifting weights while driving… and stop taking pictures. Some things are better left unsaid or unread. Especially by your mother. Just sayin…

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