Intuitive Eating

What happens when it’s 9:47 (pm), and you just got home from class,  you’re hungry, and you’re browning some beans (for your go-to lima omelet,) and you realize… your throat is hot.  Your throat is incredibly hot and this hot dinner will do absolutely nothing to counter it’s hottness.  What you really want is something else.  This type of appetite (as you’ve learned from experience) needs to be quenched.  Quenched with something cold and creamy and smooth…

The bananas over yonder look nice…You now realize that a banana smoothie is the perfect thing to “quench” an appetite like this.

You gaze upon your browning limas, cooking innocently in the pan.  Dinner is almost fixed and yet…you’re in a predicament.  You know that if you eat this omelet, (an omelet that, under normal circumstances, is completely deliciously satisfying,)  you will likely make the banana smoothie afterwards anyway (to extinguish your throat.)  What’s a girl to do?

You make the smoothie of course!

By now you must have realized that a “hot throat” is a metaphor I’m using for a craving.  And if you’re anything like me and you know yourself, you know that ignoring a craving will do nothing to make it go away.  It is a pesky little Girl Scout selling cookies and she won’t stop ringing the doorbell until you buy a box and send her packin.’  She knows you’re home, and will continue to knock.  Trust me, it’s  better to just answer the door on the first ring as opposed to making her wait and pissing her off.    If you answer too late she may even guilt you into buying 20 boxes of Carmel Delights instead of just two.

Tonight I was able recognize exactly what it was going to take to “quench” my appetite, regardless of what was already cooking. “Intuitive Eating” is something that I work on daily.  This simplistic approach to eating focuses on recognizing internal cues and honoring different hungers.  Eat when hungry, stop when full, have exactly what you feel like eating.  To me, intuitive eating is incredibly tricky because it requires a deep awareness as to how much and precisely what you feel like eating.  Instead of rationalizing that the leftovers will go to waste, imagine the not-fully-enjoyed (or needed) calories reappearing… elsewhere.  Or external visual cues aside, difficulty controlling moderation can also be derived from deprivation.  You may be able to resist an “unacceptable” unhealthy food today day but consider that the craving may return with vengeance when willpower is low and “binging for lost time” seems only necessary.  Eating Intuitively grants unconditional permission to eat, works to disconnect emotional indications from physical ones, and relies solely on personal satiety.  Honest Intuitive Eating can be beneficial because I believe, a body will eventually prefer to covet wholesome and healthy foods more often than not.

So what becomes of the beans?!

You bag ’em up and eat ’em tomorrow for lunch…or whenever you feel like it.

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