Bored of Cleaning and Easily Distracted

So, pretend you’re me, and you’ve been cleaning for two hours and fifty minutes; your car, your bedroom, your bathroom.  The last laundry load is waiting, clean, in the washer, because you somehow forgot to turn the dryer on for the load before it and now production is halted.  Ugh, hate when that happens.  It’s down to the last half hour, crunch time, the worst part of cleaning.  By now you’re bored of cleaning and easily distracted.  In fact, the only thing standing between you and the tunnel’s light is this post. In your defense, you have been cleaning for almost 3 hours and you’re liable to be easily distracted…
The last half hour of cleaning is when you have to concentrate real hard to finish strong.  This is the time when you have to find a place for all the insignificant and random things that occupy your space.  These items are vagabonds,  going from place to place and don’t exactly have a specific place to live.  They get shuffled about like little orphans and dwell where you last moved them.  They are just waiting to be assigned a temporary home and that is wherever you used them last.  These are things like little notepads, overdue library books, a jump rope, and a flashlight.  You contemplate throwing them away, just to end their limbo once and for all!!  Only you won’t throw them away.  You just run out of words to type and finish cleaning.  Now we switch, I’m me again.  Thanks for cleaning my room!

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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