How my First Official Summer Friday Night was Spent

Despite my passive attempts to acquire halfway decent plans for my first official summer Friday night, I ended up having to decide between three.  I could have stared at a wall in the house that my boyfriend and his friends were watching ESPN.  Because let’s face it, in my world wall-watching reigns supreme when dueled with sports on TV.  I could have consumed copious amounts of boredom-derived peanut butter spoons in the comfort of my own home, while staring at my own walls.  Which I’m sure are just as nice and cost less in gas to see.  Or I could open an umbrella and take a walk in the rain while listening to Dave Mathews.  I opted for the walk.

I got a chance to play out my, “Oh-dear!  The-pesky-paparazzi-are-snapping-photos-for-the-tabloids, I-must-use-this-umbrella-as-a-shield ” fantasy.  Just kidding.  Maybe.  But I do enjoy my own company.  First born children often need a big imagination.  Some just don’t outgrow using it.  That, and theatre was my thang.  I didn’t make any new friends to hang out with at my community college (I blame myself.)  And the friends that I had in high school don’t exactly…call  (Let’s blame them.)  They’re sure excited when you run into them at Target though.  They’re like, “Awwww…I miss hanging out with you *sad face. We should totally get together the weekend after next.  I’ll be back again, from school, to visit *happy face.”  You, “Foe Show  *emotionless (because the outcome is familiar.)  Ya, call me next time you’re home visiting.  Because, you know, I went to a community college.  I’m always home visiting.” Both, *fake laugh.

They don’t call.  That sucks.  I’m over it.  I have an umbrella.

It wasn’t until the last leg of my walk that the threads in my cloth shoes couldn’t absorb any more raindrops and said, “Screw this piggies you’re on you own.”  And I’m pretty sure I’m balding from ripping out tangled umbrella wires from my hair every 5 minutes.  Dang.  I sound cynical tonight, my bad.  No seriously though.  I truly had a great, refreshing, peaceful, and relaxing walk in the rain with Dave.  Better than wall-watching any day.

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