Let’s Talk Water

This is my latest post written exclusively for Loop Cycling Studio.

Water is completely essential to life and crucial for time travel (just kidding to see if you’re paying attention). Seriously though, providing your body an adequate amount of water can improve health and performance especially during LOOP rides.

Hydration Before The Ride: As I’ve mentioned in several of my classes, it is easy for me to get splitting headaches if I don’t drink an ample amount of water before I exercise.  In fact, I’ve learned that the hard way several times, leaving LOOP or ending a run, with a forehead feeling like someone clocked me with a  baseball bat.  These headaches are no longer an issue for me, as I have identified the source: lack of pre-workout hydration.   Approximately 1-2 hours before a workout, you should drink up to .5 liters of water to ensure adequate hydration.

Hydration During The Workout:  It’s no secret that Loop rides have a tendency to speed up the loss of water amongst other things (stress, calories, etc.)  Don’t wait for thirst as an indicator that you are dehydrated.  By then…it’s already too late.  I did some research and discovered that even minor levels of under-hydration can cause measurable differences in performance and endurance.  Energy levels have already diminished up to 20-30% by the time you are 2% dehydrated and are thirsty according to nutriscience.com  

Hydration After The Workout:  Continue Reading….

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