Due to the Weather…

Due to the weather.  Due to this fantastically sweltering sunny hot summer weather.  Due to my obsession with running and riding in this weather.   Due to teaching Loop classes and working in the accounting department.  Due to my new job, (Saturday nights at a restaurant) because ya know…my time-management pie just has to be full to the last crumb.  Due to my anatomy class starting (6/7.)  Due to the cumulating deadlines for my other online course and the lack of deadlines for this blog.  But mostly due to the weather, because let’s face it… the weather is heavenly and I’m not talented enough to type and run at the same time, these summer posts may be few and far between. 

I’d rather have fewer, quality posts than many half-ass ones that attempt to keep readers entertained with titles like, “What I Had for Breakfast” or that say, “ Hi everyone!  How are you! I am gooood! Today was busy! Bla bla bla…”  I have no intention of discontinuing this blog, in fact I’m quite sure it will eventually pick back up once things slow down.  Creativity strikes me at the most inconvenient times, so rest assured I’ll be back as often as I can to share my rapidly changing life.  Guest post are always welcome, e-mail me if you’re interested.  But for now, my priorities are influenced by the weather, which makes blogging (an inside affair) rather far down on the food chain.  In all fairness, you were warned.  So unless God miraculously gives me more hours in my day and energy to go with it, you’ll likely find me in a spin studio, an office, a restaurant, or a classroom plotting my next escape outside to enjoy the weather.

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