My Sweaty Face: Where Bugs Go to Die

The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory. I just wanted to share the fact that I had a fabulous day of killing bugs with my face. It wasn’t even like I was running or biking at top speed, I was actually doing squats and lunges (on my secret country road) and the little buggers were evidently intrigued by my shiny skin, decided to visit, got stuck and drowned. My camera’s gone a-missing, so you can’t see the graveyard.  C’est la vie.

In other news. I spent my morning teaching spin, having a lunch meeting with the other Loop instructors and ended my adventure with a visit to Plato’s Closet. In case you don’t know, Plato’s is a buy/sell/trade clothing store that will purchase your gently used and still-in-style clothes. Although it only took them a mere twenty minutes to assess my bag of old clothing, I shopped for over an hour, making at least four trips to the dressing room. I’m actually committed to using the word, “shopped” because this time, although erratic and unplanned, I was really on a roll finding awesome stuff…to buy! This led me to browse with enthusiastic intentions and not fear spending more than fifty dollars in a store. (My new job helps too.) Most of the time, I’ll just meander around and not buy anything to get my “shopping fix.” If Weston calls, I use the term, “sniffing around” which translates to; “aimlessly squirreling around for nuts.” I wasn’t surprised when Plato’s politely rejected all of my old clothes. “I kept the good ones” I told them and proceeded to check out. I would love to share pictures of the latest additions to my summer wardrobe, but again I can’t find my camera. Sorry.

Got to go and give Weston a fashion show! The Heat’s playing right now, but I just know that he’s dying to see my purchases!

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One Response to My Sweaty Face: Where Bugs Go to Die

  1. Bethany Zerbonia says:

    Plato’s is pretty picky about what they take. I brought my clothes and left with a full basket of clothes and a mere 10 bucks. I will say though Plato’s has helped me save money through my weight loss process. For a few months I was shedding pounds like crazy and I didn’t want to spend money on clothes that I knew would probably not fit me as the process continued. So I bought a few shirts there to save money 🙂

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