Sometimes I write letters to my grandmas.  They mostly just say “hi” and “I love you.”  These particular cards say something along the lines of, “Can you believe the apartment will be ready next Monday already? I can’t wait. Love, Your Favorite Granddaughter.”  I’m aware that as soon as I click, “Publish” this post will be accessible to them, as well as my 3 and a half other viewers in the world, but I’m fairly confident that both will receive their letter before they see it online. 

Grandparents just aren’t technologically savvy you know?  You hardly ever hear them say, “Can you believe the deal I scored on Priceline for our plane tickets to Aruba after I cleared my cache?!” or “Geeze, the lag for online pinochle has been terrible lately.”  It’s normally more like you saying, “Grandma…we’ve been over this before…after you double-click the blue “e,” Life’s Lemons is in the upper left-hand corner under “Favorites”….oh nevermind, I’ll just make it your home page next time I’m over.

It makes me wonder, when I’m their age, will it be that hard for me to comprehend new technology?  I’m pretty sure by then iPads will be prizes in cereal boxes and cars will hover around.  I can’t imagine the technology my generation will adapt to.  My grandchildren will teach me how to h-mail (holograph mail,) and I’ll show them how to write letters.

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4 Responses to Letters

  1. Mom says:

    Does this mean when you move out I can expect “love” letters?

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