Free Tickets with a Ticket

So I sent another letter today…of a bad variety.  Yesterday, while taking the day off to get caught up in my online class, I returned to my car just ten minutes after the parking meter ran out of time and a nice little ticket fluttered innocently under my windshield wiper.  So I’m sending this exceptionally sad picture along with my check in hopes that someone at the courthouse will have a heart and disregard the offense.  I’m using my best “can’t-you-see-I’m-a-poor-college-student-who-got-a-parking-ticket-on-a-sunny-day-while-I-was-studing-in-the-library” face. 

In other news, I called in to a radio station yesterday and answered a question correctly!  Here’s how it went down…

(Excessivly energetic, morning-talk-show-voice,) “Lite Rock 107, What do you think the answer is?!”

(Equally energetic, I-can’t-believe-I-got-through-voice,) “Is it Daniel Radcliffe?!”

(VIOLENTLY energetic, morning-talk-show-voice,) “Yes, it is!! Who is this?!”

(Holy Crap Voice,) “This is Molly!”

(Being-this-excited-all-morning-every-morning-is-gonna-kill-me voice,) “Well Molly we’re sending you two tickets to see Baking with the Boss staring Buddy Valstro from Cake Boss, a $50 gift certificate, and this Friday you’re tickets could be upgraded to backstage passesss!!” 

(long pause…then normal voices)

“Wait…what do I do?”

“Just stay on the line, and we’ll get your information.”

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