And Nowww…

(Announcer Voice) Aannd nowww… ladies and gentlemennn…that fateful day has finally arrived…  The day you’ve been dreaming about… The day you’ve been waiting for…

But nowww.…we ask you to wait 4. MORE. DAYS!

That’s right. It’s Monday, June 13, this is the day Weston and I can pick up our apartment keys.  But sadly, with our work schedules and my classes it’s nearly impossible to find a few consecutive spare hours to justify hauling the first load of HCC.  (It’s monstrous by the way.)  The first load will consist of the essentials I’m afraid, nothing too exciting.  You know, cleaning supplies, some board games, the paper towel holder, a can opener, a shower curtain, and a stud sensor.  Because we’re having an exhilarating house-cleaning/board game-playing/wall-mount hanging/baked-bean party our first night in!  We plan to get away this Friday afternoon, but need to dash back early Saturday so I can run the 15K at Steamboat.

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