Garage Sales: They Will Provide

Vinyl Shower Curtain: $3

Box of Assorted Cleaning Products: $2

Being at the Right Place at the Right Time: Priceless

There were literally two last-minute things that Weston and I needed to pick up at Wal-Mart this afternoon in order to have our house-cleaning/board game-playing/wall-mount hanging/baked-bean party at the new apartment tonight.  One was a plastic shower curtain liner, the other was multi-purpose cleaning solution.  If you still think we need to stop, think again because I found exactly what we need at two garage sales this morning.  I freaked.  If you’re an avid garage-saler like I, you know that it is extremely rare to find what you need, let alone what you’re looking for, ON THE DAY YOU NEED IT.  My dad calls me Lucky Pierre.  He says I can roll in mud and come out smelling like a bed of roses.

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