This Guy

This guy can polish off a whole box of cherry Danishes in one sitting without blinking an eye!  He’s been a paper boy, a bus boy, a polo player, and a racquet ball player. He’s got the skills to grade a lawn, tie a square knot, and lose his wallet twice in one day. This guy likes being prepared, melty ice cream, and Tom Brokow. He dislikes nuts in his brownies and opening the mail. He can rock a robin’s egg blue sports jacket. This guy would show up at your softball game even if he knew ahead of time that you were only going to pinch hit, and end up striking out twice and walking once. But he will torture you by making you learn to juggle, or sweep the garage, or throw away your Fruit Roll Up wrapper, or look at him when he’s talking to you, or practice piano, or finish that last inch of warm milk. But you can get back at him by making him cry from placing 19th at Steamboat and making him proud. This is that double-trailer truck driver that you see driving down the road at half past midnight screaming at the top of his lungs in effort to stay awake and provide for his family. He’s a scuba diver, a bee keeper, and a mounted patrol officer. He’s no spring chicken but will join you to swim across the lake and back when he gets off work, at 7, on a Tuesday morning.  This guy will play Devil’s advocate just to test the quality of your arguments.  Not only will he teach you the value of a dollar but more importantly- he will teach you the value of time, and how precious it can be. This guy is my Dad, and he would walk across the ocean for my brother and I.


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5 Responses to This Guy

  1. Ripp says:

    You make me cry…check your e-mail…luv ya…..Dad-E-O

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