Big Weekend Wrap-up

The board games were a bust, and the baked beans were a bust.  But there was still plenty of wall-mount hanging, cleaning, and eating Subway.  (I couldn’t talk Weston into trying a new restaurant…he said he wanted some “comforting” familiar food.)  Although we only had room to take about half of the HCC with us on Friday, it feels like there is much more room in the apartment than I had anticipated.  The HCC has been crammed in a corner for so long, that I was beginning to think we wouldn’t have enough space for it all.  I even had a little trouble trying to decide which cupboard to put the bowls in.  My questions to this post have finally been answered.  We both felt like we were staying in a hotel, because only on vacations can us country folk take two last minute trips to Target in one night and not have to drive 40 minutes one way.  Living in town will add, on average, an extra two hours to our day. 

In other news, as mentioned before, I competed at Steamboat which is an annual 4 mile and 15 kilometer race that had attracted approximately 5,000 runners this year.  I ran the 15K (9.23 miles) and was the 19th woman to cross the finish line out of 835 15K competitors.   It feels very rewarding just to know that us longer distance runners are in the minority.  Weston kept himself amused as he waited the hour and ten minutes for me by taking pictures of old runners.  Click Here for Weston’s fine Steamboat photography and more pictures of this weekend.

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2 Responses to Big Weekend Wrap-up

  1. Bethany Zerbonia says:

    Congrats on your finish in the Steamboat race!

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