What do you get when you cross one can of butter beans, Spicy Hot V8, and chipolte mustard? 

Behold! My lunch, spicy tomato bean soup.  And who says you have to have lettuce to make a salad? (Another lunch, using leftover my butter beans.)  I’m no stranger to hodgepodge lunches.  In fact, I’m quite an expert at putting them together from the random foods found that can be found at any given time in my desk drawer at work.  I can do wicked things with a can of tuna, half a sleeve of crackers, and a sample packet of Mrs. Dash.  It’s good practice for when I have kids and there is “nothing” in the house to eat.  I can hear them now, “Aaww, Mom…do we have to eat scrambled oatmeal eggs again?  Go to the store.  Geeze.”  At least with my dietetics background I know that all their nutritional bases will be covered. 

It helps that I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to lunch.  Give me some vinegar and a pound of green beans and I’ll go to town.  Working in an office for three years has made me quite the little creative concoctor.  Have you tried my mustard popcorn?

Most of those three years I had no access to a refrigerator.  So I relied on my little dollar store ice pack to keep my lunch cold everyday.  I kept nonperishable items like popcorn kernels, canned food, and prunes inmy desk to get me through days when I had nothing else packed.  Now that I have practically my own private kitchen, the refrigerator has been a damn blessing!  I can store my frozen homemade soups, yogurt, and water bottles of milk (when it’s cereal for lunch.)  There is always a bowl, a can opener, spices, and several kinds of tea in my desk drawer.  Thanks for stopping by.

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2 Responses to HodgePodge

  1. Molly says:

    WordPress is being finicky, I know “inmy” has no space.

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