I Get a Rush

We’ve talked about this before, on several occasions. You’re probably getting tired of me bringing it up all the time.  I get a rush from scoring deals at garage sales and thrift stores. (It’s probably a clinically diagnosable condition, but I’m too lazy to Google it.) It pleases me so much that I do not even consider it just a means to save money anymore. It started out that way, but now it’s more of a hobby. For example, if I see a nice curtain that would match the apartment’s interior my internal monologue goes, “Oh man, the pattern on this is so unique, not like something you’d find if you were actually trying. We still need one…and this one’s really nice. Never used- Bonus! The original price tag says it was 40 dollars Double Bonus! Aannnd it passes the smell test-Triple Bonus!! (I never buy used items that smell weird. They can smell nice or neutral but never bad, like an ash tray.) (So yes, in case you’re wondering.  I’m the girl at your garage sale who is smelling your old Tupperware. Sorry lady, it looks nice and all… but I gotta be sure there is no leftover spaghetti stench skeletons in your plastic’s porous closets.)

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