Sometimes I Wonder About You

Sometimes I wonder who you are.  Sometimes I wonder if today’s 23 views are just from my mom.  You might be a regular.  Or better yet, a closet regular, someone who comes almost daily but pretends not to.  Words to you: Don’t be afraid…it’s really cool to read LifesLemons.  Sometimes I wonder if my dad is right about you out there–Yes you!  You’re the crazy lunatic stalker who is learning my life and planning my demise.  Bug off! I’ll sue!!  (That should scare him off Dad.)  Or maybe you’re my future employer who is checking for my closet skeletons.  You’re researching me, to see if I’m as crazy as they say.  Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.

Sometimes I wonder why you’re here.  Are you someone on Facebook trying not to die from boredom?  (Or maybe are trying to.)    Do you come to see what I’m up to, what I laugh about, what I worry about, what rediculous thing I deem important enough to write about?  Maybe you came to LifesLemons on a whim from a link that you clicked.  Welcome.  Or maybe this is printed off, and you’re reading it from your hospital bed as you wait for your body to get well.  Are you here because you know me? Because you like my writing?  Because you like my shiny hair?  Or maybe you like to make fun of my words with your friends later.  It doesn’t matter, welcome anyway.

Maybe you took this time out of your day to log on and type all 32 characters in LifesLemons’ address.  Maybe I’m even on your favorites.  Shout out to the two subscribers that I don’t even know!  You’re awesome!  I hope you enjoy my company as much as I enjoy yours.  I wonder, do you laugh at the things that I plan to be funny.  Do you really laugh out loud or is it more of a nasal exhale?  Do you get what I’m saying?  Can you relate?  Do you feel what I want you to feel when you come here to escape?

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6 Responses to Sometimes I Wonder About You

  1. Margie says:

    I have to admit, I stop by to just see if your doing okay. Love you, Margie

  2. Kim says:

    I’m here because I know you, you work with me, you babysit my kids when needed and simply because you make me smile. I don’t get to visit your blog often with my crazy hectic life but you sure are one in a million Mol! You always know how to turn life’s lemons into sweet lemonade!

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