Hay Makin’

My dad has always said, “You’ve got to make hay while the sun’s shining.”  So due to the weather…I’ve been baling like crazy in the form of water sliding, lake swimming, running, golfing, and showing my bike some major love. 

I came here to tell you…. That’s where I’ve been….I’ve got a ton of ideas for posts rolling around in my head but that would involve sitting…You understand. 

I wish I could bottle up these summer days.  They’re sooo good, then they’re sooo gone, sooo fast.  Over and out. Bawwkk!

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2 Responses to Hay Makin’

  1. Make the most of those days, they’re the best 🙂
    Here in (not so sunny) england it’s been rubbish, today was sooo cold!

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