Week of Running; Day #1

So I’ve been asked on several occasions, from several people, in several ways;  Why do you run?  How do you stay motivated?  And what in the world do you think about when you’re out for so long.  Since you asked, I figured it was a good topic to address.  So good in fact, this post kept getting longer and longer and longer… until it was so long and detailed that I decided to divvy it up and publish on several days. In. A. Row.  So Lemons readers, I give you: Week of Running: Day #1.  Despite it being a double payroll week at work, (yes…I help pay the college 🙂 ) despite the test and final for my summer class, (I plan to pull a couple of Bs from my butt) I vow to post everyday this week.  I wouldn’t be my father’s daughter if I didn’t overbook myself right?  Plus I feel a tidge* guilty for not being active last week.  (Wait…I shouldn’t feel this way.  I warned you!

There are several reasons I like running.  Mostly I’m just an endorphin junkie and in order to “function properly” I need more of these “happy hormones” than the average bear.  I took the liberty to draw you a picture as an example.  Observe.

Mason (my brother) is the first boy.  Weston is the second boy.  I’m the deranged psycho girl about to go berserk.  If I’m grumpy, nine times out of ten I just need to go sweat for a while.  Then I’m fine.

I favor long, monotonous, cardiovascular exercising more so than strength.  To me, strength training requires your full and constant attention.  (Something that I don’t like giving up for extended periods of time.)  Running gives me a chance to think about everything or nothing, but mostly nothing.  I can turn my brain completely off and it becomes even more cleansing than a soapy shower with exfoliating “scratchy” beads, a deep sleep or a gigantic nose blow.  

*tidge  Spellcheck claims that this is not a word.  I beg to differ.  I use it all the time. 

tidge; [noun]  informal a very small amount, smidge

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