WOR Day #2; Running Motivation

Everyday I’m not like, “Man I feel like tearing it up and running 9 miles, eating, then running some more!! WWEEEEE!!”  Sometimes the thought of running is just plain awful; too bouncy, too jarring, too sweaty, too much heavy breathing.  Ick!  Sometimes I need a little motivation. 

When I need motivation near the end of a long run and my legs are physically dog tired, that internal announcer voice of mine comes into play.  The annoying little dude will actually declare what body part is “sponsoring” this portion of the run.  (You know the advertisement between/after TV shows announcing who that segment is sponsored by?)  My announcer guy will say, “Ladies and Gentlemen, running from here to the second telephone pole is brought to you by the energy hiding in her fingers (or lower back or elbows.)”  Now, I don’t know how much residue energy is hiding in your obscure body parts, but I can tell you mine can house a substantial amount; a lot of times enough to help me finish.  If I concentrate, I can actually feel the energy being released from that space and becoming available for my legs to use.

Another motivation technique comes from a little tactic that I’ve used since I was little.  This practice is commonly used when I have to perform long boring tasks such as searching for needles in haystacks and the like.  I simply pretend that I’m someone else or that I have a different life.  It occupies my mind and permits me to conjure elaborate alter egos to mentally “go with.”  You see, I have this keen ability to pretend that I’m someone else.  This ability dates back to middle school speech competitions and high school plays, but that’s a different story.  I can be different variations of myself such as, “Good Student Molly,” “Ultra-Marathoner Molly,” or even “Homeless Molly” for days when I don’t feel like showering and wear baggy clothing.  Or I can be a completely different person altogether.  When I was young it was so boring to rub my Dad’s back, so I came up with the name Iesha, [I-E-sha] and became “Chiropractor Iesha.”  My high school friends can actually remember times when I let it be known that I was no longer Molly, but an Indian girl that stepped out of National Geographic.  Embarassingggg.  Now I keep it to myself when I’m pretending to be “someone else.”  (I don’t know how long my family could afford a “nice” insane asylum for me.)  A favorite persona of mine is, “Celebrity Molly.”  In this identity, my “agent” advises me to stay in shape, hence running.  You know… in case they need me for a spontaneous Harry Potter movie or something.  Pretending that I’m famous also encourages me to act with poise and dignity for the “invisible audience” so to never let my fans down.  You just never know when the paparazzi is around the corner.

Note:  I don’t exactly know how this post about Running Motivation became about me and my mental frolics.  I got a little carried away.  But it’s good stuff…and I’m keeping it!  Hope you enjoyed.  Looking back, it seems a tidge* irrelevant.  Just know that I may not answer if you call me “Molly” when I’m out training for Harry Potter.

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