WOR #4; Sun Runnin’

We’ve discussed before that there are several types of running.  There’s “Look-Like-a-Pro” running, “Comfort Running“…

Allow me to define the running that is “Sun Runnin.'”  This is when you’re trying to get a tan, to hide the fact that you work in an office all day and simply don’t have make the time to lay out.

Solution:  Mul. Ti. Task.  Run in the sun, sprint in the shade (to maximize light exposure.)  Turn your iPod on low so you can hear cars coming… then run with your palms up.  While you’re at it, you might as well hike your shorts up and point your toes out.  Inner thighs need sun lovin’ too.  If you see a car coming towards you, adjust your clothing and posture immediately so that they don’t think there’s something is wrong with you.  If you hear a car coming toward you, it’s probably too late and you must now decide if the embarrassment was worth it or if you should invest in a tanning bed.

All kidding aside, most of the time, I’m wearing (poorly rubbed in) sun screen, an ultra-cool hat with a horse on it that was 99 cents, and (when I can find them) my sun glasses that have at least a million smudges, which I’m sure can only contribute to extra UV protection.

*Sunglasses not pictured.  (Lost)

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4 Responses to WOR #4; Sun Runnin’

  1. Ripp says:

    my fathers day hat was only .99. what a super shopper ! they got any n red? u two do the lovie schmooopie Sienfeld thing in public? Yikes

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