Let’s Talk About…Corn?!

Let’s talk about (although I haven’t looked very hard) how I can’t find my camera and how I’m just desperate to put a post up.  Let’s talk about how I scoured Facebook and Google in order to find a halfway cool picture to put up and distract you from the reality of this predicament.  The reality is…I’ve lost my camera but wanna to talk to you anyway.  So allow me to to apoligize for this subpar, “What-I-Had-For-Dinner” quality post.  Rest assured, I have several other “good” ones written for your enjoyment.  They are waiting in the wings, in the drafts, waiting to be picturized and they all need my personal photos to have the full effect. 

However… I found this nice picture of corn to show you.  Speaking of corn!  Weston and I are zipping away to the apartment tonight.  I have 40 ears of corn to blanch for winter month consumption.  So we are getting crazy tonight and kicking off the weekend by having a corn freezing party!  Almost as good as our  house-cleaning/board game-playing/wall-mount hanging/baked-bean party.  Tonight we also plan to meander around on our bikes, do a little area familiarizing, and hopefully stumble upon a new restaurant to try.  

So take this opportunity, if you’re inclined, to be nice and sign the guest book i.e. leave a comment.  You Lemons Readers are sneeky…reading my words and disapear.  Did you like reading about running last week?  Do you like reading about my insane garage sale finds or seeing my shiny hair?  Maybe you would like to know what I had for dinner.  Let’s talk about what you like reading.  Let’s talk about what you dislike reading.  Which posts bore you into a coma?  Probably this one…so it dosn’t count…sheesh…corn?…it’s boring me into a coma….gotta find that camera…let..me…know…..zzzzz……

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2 Responses to Let’s Talk About…Corn?!

  1. michelle523 says:

    i had corn the other night and it was not good. i guess i picked the wrong ones at hy-vee.

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