Have You Met My Teas?

So I asked Weston tonight whilst cleaning my bedroom, “Have you ever seen me drink tea?”  Besides asking me to repeat the question because he was engrossed in an exceptionally interesting television commercial, he paused, thought for a moment and answered, “Tea?  No, I’ve never seen you drink it.”  That’s what I thought.  I laughed and proceeded to share with him my assortment of teas.  All of which at first, were stashed haphazardly around my bedroom but I had just rounded them up Easter Egg style, in little baggies.  The vast variety of teas and ciders are primarily due to my curiosity trying new and exotic flavors.  Blacks, whites, greens, chais, ceylons, I love tasting them all.  I have even more in my desk drawer at work and the apartment’s pantry.  Doctor’s offices and hotels are prime examples of venues that offer complementary bags for me and my tea sampling shenanigans.  I don’t take just one.  I try to snag a few of all the flavors offered.  Then I’ll make one to drink and the others get “saved and kept.” 

Ah yes…Saved and Kept,  the title of a soon-to-be-post about my mild hoarding tendencies.  Which I’m sure Lemons readers are chomping at the bit to read.  

Yet, this is a story about my teas.  I read about how wonderful tea is, how its antioxidants may perform medical miracles and how regular consumption, especially of the green and white varieties, can produce health benefits beyond your wildest dreams.  Judging by this photo, you would think that I’m the healthiest addict in the world and that my friends, is where the irony of this story lies.  

Yes I drink it, but not that much.  Yes I like it, but not this much.  Right now I mostly just collect it…and write blog posts about it.  When we move though, my little stashes will be united in one place, the kitchen pantry.  They will be placed at eye level and therefore difficult to overlook.  I plan to consume more tea then.  I plan to mix and match it.  I plan to brew, refrigerate, and serve it cold for ice teas.  I plan to freeze it for little tea cubes.  I plan to flavor infuse my oatmeal with it.  Then, I plan, to receive health benefits beyond my wildest dreams.

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3 Responses to Have You Met My Teas?

  1. Jennifer says:

    I will tell Mara about her mokey in ceiling. I hope your frist day went well and I look forward to reading about your next journey! Jen R.

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