Establishing a Normal

So I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is for people who are kind of able to organize their thoughts.  They can therefore kind of express themselves in amusing fashions.  At a computer, they’re able to compose detailed stories for their own amusement and the enjoyment of others…kind of.  Their lives have structure and cognizance.  They can make sense of it.  They effortlessly put together the pieces of their daily puzzle, know for certain what it’s supposed to look like, and can explain the picture to others.  As you can see my life is a little less “put together” than it was a week ago.  I’m currently flipping over the pieces of my new life puzzle and am slowly getting an idea of what the picture’s going to look like.  This post is proof that the borders are almost finished.

Thanks for sticking around Lemons readers during this trying and funky transitional phase.  Yes, I’m still alive…and trying my best to establish a new “Normal.”  A routine.  A schedule.  I’m craving structure like none other because without it, my thoughts just aren’t organized enough to be expressive online and y’all know I miss ya.

Please enjoy this picture of ICCe tea as a token of my gratitude.

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1 Response to Establishing a Normal

  1. Rip Torn says:

    You my dear are alot of things…but Normal …..Never! ….. Routine & Structure are very good to have……Hum Drum & Plodding through them will dull ones mind & make the strong weak……Be true to yourself & keep your eye on the prize…

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