Dear Mr. Meyer….

I won and drank, a caffeinated beverage for playing bags today at the Campus Festival.  I  received and ate, two complementary mini Cliff bars from buying a t-shirt at the Bicycle Club booth.  I may and do, have a slight obsession with nice weather.  I therefore compose anonymous letters to my teachers in afternoon classes, so that I may put my carbs and caffeine into action earlier and sunny weather to good use.

So you’re welcome Consumer Management 203, it was I who strategically placed the note on Mr. Meyer’s podium at the beginning of class whilst he was walking around taking role.   Upon discovery he stopped and read the said note, chuckled softly to himself, and dismissed ten minutes early.  Sometimes you just have to ask. 

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5 Responses to Dear Mr. Meyer….

  1. I love the note, and can’t believe it worked! I’ll have to try this.

  2. Don Meyer says:

    Thanks for sharing this with me Molly. You read me like a book! And THAT is a compliment! Take care and Do stay in touch! Don

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