See My Squash? Hear Me Vent.

More than Weston and I cared to admit at the time, it really hurt our feelings if a classmate from high school, who was attending a 4-year university, would make a snide comment about how community colleges weren’t “real colleges” like the ones that they were attending.  Or they would drone on about life at their college, how hard classes were, and how community colleges were just big high schools.  As an individual who has attended both types (during regular semesters, not just summer) I feel that I have a small bit of clout.  So I would like to say a few words. 1.) Classes at my community college were just as hard if not harder than these “real college” classes 2.) I have zero accumulated college debt 3.) Suck it.

So we’re clear, “real” colleges are those that offer real college classes granting real college credit for doing real college work.  Yes, at some you can only obtain associate degrees.  It would be nice if upcoming high school graduates were kind to those attending 2-year community colleges or no college at all by not belittling them and treating them like subordinates.  Take it from someone who knows, they’ll hurt less feelings that way.

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3 Responses to See My Squash? Hear Me Vent.

  1. Sandy Rhoades says:

    Oh Molly dear. They should head the words of old sandy roads…they are worring about the shit that doesn’t matter not about the shit that does matter. say it to them then walk away and see if they even know what shit they worry about. Sounds as though you are holding your own.

  2. Joy Bragg says:

    “Suck it!” still makes me laugh out loud.

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