Mess Derived Mood Terrorism

I’m sure that Weston knows (and if he doesn’t, he will after reading this) that not much else eeerks me off more than coming home after a long day at school to a messy house.  When I walk through the door, my mood is directly influenced by the state of our living space.  A good mood can suddenly turn terrorized when the living partner has been home for an extended period and has obviously not taken action to combat the clutter.  I know that sooner or later, we lounge at home and fall victim to a house where dishes have been allowed to pile and little messes form.  But eventually we must give sight to our blind eye, look around, and acknowledge all the half empty water bottles, miscellaneous papers, and haphazardly tossed clothing.  Weston feels the same way.  So in effort to keep the peace, we have each vowed to do our part in the war against Mess Derived Mood Terrorism.

MDMT is a bad temper in which Weston and I take turns preventing for each other.  In some cases, we go as far as counteracting this mood by inducing a condition known as Raw DDH or Ready and Waiting Dinner Derived Happiness (a much more pleasant state.)  Tuesdays, I am away until 6 at a chemistry study group.  On these nights, Weston cleans the house to prevent an MDM terrorist attack and I happily lug my bike up the stairs contracting Raw DDH with each step that I take.

Wednesdays are my day to return the favor.  Tonight I cleaned, I cooked, and perhaps birthed a new condition from creating the most divine dinner to come home to; stuffed blueberry french toast.  I call this new condition Triple-D Euphoria or Delicious Dinner Derived Euphoria.  Weston likes succumbing to Triple-D Euphoria and wishes Wednesdays happened more often.

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2 Responses to Mess Derived Mood Terrorism

  1. Mara Cat says:

    Stuffed Blueberry French Toast. Really?? Is this the type of menu a future Registered Dietician should be having?? Miss u, Miss Molly Olly!!

  2. Rip Torn says:

    So….How come you don’t get a MDMT attack after ridng in your car? I”ve seen the inside of it. At times your car runs a very close second to the inside of my car. Then again….perhaps I’ve been having MDMT attacks for years from so much windshield time in my lived in vehicles…..WOW…I feel better now after knowing what this is…Thank you….Perhaps you should change majors and become a shrink! P.S. How many miles do you have to run/ride after a dinner of SBFT? Keep your eye on the prize…work hard! XOXO Your Biggest Fan

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