New Concerns, Appreciations and Behavoirs of a Live-Away-From-Home

I’ll be the first to admit that are some major differences between life when I lived at home and went to a community college and my life now.  These differences are mainly how my time is distributed, but I have acquired some concerns and appreciation for things that were once once taken for granted.  When I lived at home, a main concern was driving for so long everyday (a half-hour commute to community college, work, and anywhere else of importance,) ignorant dogs barking loudly in my face and slobbering on my pants, laundry basket dwelling cats, ice cream barrels taunting me from the freezer, “Come eat me, you silly runner girl,” and the infamous funky puke flower candles whose aroma filled my nostrils whenever I tried to enjoy a nice slice of banana bread.

Now my mind is in a different place with new concerns, like not being able to bike to school when it rains or snows or sleets.  (Not complaining.  The bus drives past our apartment every hour heading towards campus, which also means that parking my car and trekking across a massive community college parking lot is no longer an issue.)  My eagle eye is on the price of shredded cheese as opposed to gas prices and bus routes as opposed to routes with construction.  A mental tally is kept on oh so valuable resources such as the balances of gift cards and the expiration dates of my “Buy One-Get Ones.”  I also appreciate clean things more; clean counter tops, clean dish towels, and clean-enough-to-wear underwear.  I continue to appreciate the little things in life such as a good pair of tweezers, but now I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy even simpler luxuries; mail, fancy flavored coffee with foamy whipped milk (thank you Aunty Sueski) and a tall stack of laundry quarters.    I enjoy having 2-ply toilet paper on my roll, 1-ply toilet paper on my roll, toilet paper something to wipe with.  I enjoy a pair of matching socks a little more than I used to, so I keep my radar on them when I toss them off.  Which brings me to my new behaviors.  I now risk my life to chase windblown dollar bills across the street like a crazed animal.  Okay, so I would have done that before, but now I do insane things such as reuse my bath towels, wash the dishes as soon as they are dirtied and freeze ice cubes like they did in the old days (in trays.)   What a concept.

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3 Responses to New Concerns, Appreciations and Behavoirs of a Live-Away-From-Home

  1. Sandy Rhoades says:

    Sounds like you will get there Molly. It sounds like we should all send you coupons…to help out. By the way I thought you gift of the book and putting our names by subjects which most desribe us was a fun idea. Really enjoyed reading it. Have a great day it’s Friday.
    Sandy Grant person retired.

    • Molly says:

      We’re getting along fine Sandy. You know it’s a HOBBY of mine to see how many dimes I can pinch out of a penny anyway. Hope all is well.

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