Return of the Buns!

I had super long hair in school, grades K through 12, and received many nice compliments on it.  I had so much fun with it (more fun than anyone should.)  The length allowed me braid it, ponytail it, bun it, curl it…but mostly bun it, in any style that I pleased.  My hair was big and elaborate at times.  My “careless” hair took a ridiculous amount of time at times.  My hair was babied… All. The. Time.  Whether I was going for fancy hair or just-rolled-out-of -bed hair, each style took no less than fifteen minutes to create (more time than anyone’s should.)  Each “look” was a work of art, meticulously crafted with the aid of our folding three-way mirror, a hand-full of bobby pins, and lots of hair product; sprays, scrunches, mouses, and gels (more product than anyone’s should.)  Although nonchalant, I really cared about my long hair (more than anyone should.)

One day, before I started college I decided to cut it off.  It looked nice and I liked it for all of one week, but then wanted my long hair back because I couldn’t be expressive and obsessive with it short.  I found out the hard way that hair can’t be glued back on.  So I had to get a life…and some new hobbies.

Since then, my hair has grown very slowly (probably to punish me for being vain about it when it was so long.)  Recently I’ve seen significant growth.  Now I can braid it, I can ponytail, I can bun it, I can curl it…but mostly bun it to my little heart’s content.  I just can’t justify spending more than 5.3 seconds on it.  Turns out, buns that take 5.3 seconds to make look just as cool as the buns that take fifteen minutes.  In my old age, I’ve either learned to make perfect buns on the first try or my standards are lower.  Either way, I’ve learned to live 14 minutes and 54.7 seconds richer daily than before my hair was cut.

The moral of this story is to not get hung up on how your buns look.  Because somewhere, some short-haired person has more time to have fun than you.

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