Fall Brings People Together. Weston and I Got….

Fall brings people together.  Weston and I got…pumpkins today, as we do every year.

I love festive traditions and really love seeing all the funny shaped gourds, it’s my favorite part.  I have amazement that never ceases when it comes to gourds.  When I discover a new variety I automatically squeal (or exclaim “OHMYGOSH,”) I stare (ponder it for a few seconds,) then lift my gaze.  The cycle repeats over and over; discover, squeal, ponder, lift gaze…discover, squeal, ponder, lift gaze.  They’re just gourds… I’m aware, but I can’t help it.  Their uniqueness makes my heart flutter.

If you pumpkin shop with me it may seem like you’re out with a little kid.  By now, Weston knows how much I love this event and humors me like a true champ.  We plan to carve pumpkins at my Grammy’s house this Friday.  Printable pumpkin carving patterns rule.  They make the best jack-o-lanterns.  Stay tuned early next week for the final products.

So you know how “thrifty” I am?  I’m a girl who finagles over mere quarters at rummage sales.  I’m a squirrelish girl who smells used Tupperware before buying it.  Can someone please tell me why I don’t bat an eye when I purchase disposable holiday decorations?  Because sometimes I can’t justify myself.

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4 Responses to Fall Brings People Together. Weston and I Got….

  1. Ripp Torn says:

    your heart should flutter half as much when you think of all the quarters it takes for school. flutter a little while you study…..just a wee bit of biggest fan humor…luv ya Ripp

  2. Ripp Torn says:

    I like the Pooh thing….it made me smile

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