A Smooth Day Starts With a Smooth Sock

Some socks are bad.  Socks with poor elastic, that bunch up in your shoe are bad.  Forgotten crispy gym bag socks with torn off scabs dried to the heel are bad.  Socks that are old, gritty, worn out, stretched out, too thick, too thin, stained, or have a pebble hiding in the knit are bad.  Wearing bad socks is risky business.  When you wear a bad sock, you take the risk of inducing a bad day because bad socks somehow find a way to compromise your comfort and pester your patience.  I have several good pairs hoarded on reserve for days when I simply cannot afford to take that risk.  A smooth day starts with a smooth sock.

Cheers to smooth socks.  Weston and I went out for a fancy dinner last night and I didn’t have a picture of socks.

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3 Responses to A Smooth Day Starts With a Smooth Sock

  1. Molly says:

    I must have way to much time on my hands to comment …but…in my early grade school years I remember having iron on patches on my socks…never heard of such a thing? I think it was a extreme lesson my mother was teaching on how to appreciate the simple.. basic ..things in life…it worked..reflecting on some of these lessons I find they’ve helped shape some of my conservative views and for this I am eternally grateful…how many mothers now days even notice if they’re kids are wearing socks let alone care enough to plug the holes…but you are correct the only place for a misfitting sock is in the rag bag….thank you for the food for thought and a lite morning chuckle…keep your eye on the prize!

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