Week of Eating Day #1; Coconut Cookie Dough Balls

I stumbled upon healthy living blogs a couple of years ago completely by accident.  I’d be surfing the net, clicking aimlessly on articles like, “Runner’s High: Urban Fitness Legend or Legit Biological Treat?” or “Good News for Probiotics-Lovers.”  Whose interest wouldn’t be peaked with titles like those?  Who wouldn’t want to know the superfoods for glowing skin and how to make oatmeal taste like pumpkin pie?  Who doesn’t want to read about a vegan cardiac ICU RN with IBS that runs half-marathons and attempts to keep her carbon footprint to a minimum?  Who isn’t entertained by saucy online editorials about food and nutrition fads which probably have no scientific evidence what so ever?  I know I am.

My innocent clicking would lead to several others, until one day I woke up knowing the life stories and daily routines of strangers who lived hundreds of miles away more than my own mothers’.  The majority of blogs that I follow are nothing too fancy.  If the writing, pictures or personal backgrounds are exceptionally interesting or relative to my life, I add their sites to my computers’ favorites.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m bookmarked by them or if they would like to read LifesLemons because my site is vastly different from the ones that I frequently visit.  Their’s are all about food or fitness.  Mine is more about life and personal thoughts as opposed to how many laps I ran or what I eat at every single meal.  (Not that I personally don’t totally dig knowing how many bagel thin sandwiches Julie can eat in one week or how Elsie’s weak stomach handled the tropical ginger vinaigrette.)  I think that posts of that “breed” would bore Lemons readers.  Writing posts like that would bore me, the author.  Ultimately, feeling obligated to write sub-par and publish daily would drive me crazy.

However, I’ve recently had some readers express interest regarding my food intake and ask about certain recipes that I rave about in person.  It may be something fun to talk about.  So here goes….similar to Week of Running, I give you a Week of Eating Day #1.

Would you believe me if I told you that I had a salad for breakfast and a salad for lunch?  It is NOT normal for me to eat a salad for breakfast. I had one today not because they’re healthy, not because I feel virtuous after I eat one, not to impress you right off the bat, but because we have a bunch of perishables that I hate seeing wasted.  Both salads today had leftover spaghetti squash, kidney beans, hard-boiled eggs, radishes, broccoli slaw mix, cheese, ranch, garlic vinegar, pepper, crushed Fiber One, oh and lettuce.  I’m a savage and not afraid to put just about anything, with any texture, on my greens.  Each time I think that I’ve made, “The Greatest Salad Ever” I remember another random food to throw in and make it even better!  Sometimes my “salads” get so extravagant, that I never get around to adding lettuce at all.

My gigantic salads were so filling today that dinner was rather light and instinctual.  I use small appetites to my advantage and indulge in anything that I’m truly craving.  Tonight it was cholesterol and fats.  Raw shrimp for dinner with a late dessert of coconut faux cookie dough upon apple slices.  Divine.  I made these by pureeing small handfuls/spoonfuls of oats, coconut, apple, almonds, wheat bran, crunchy peanut butter, honey, coconut coffee creamer, and cocoa powder.  Lump the puree on apple slices and dust with more cocoa powder.  Weston and I played Guess-the-Ingredient (a favorite game of mine.)  He predicted most, but somehow forgot the wheat bran…Duh!!

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4 Responses to Week of Eating Day #1; Coconut Cookie Dough Balls

  1. The faux cookie dough looks amazing!

    • Molly says:

      It was. I was craving something sweet (pureed apple), but not too sweet (unsweetened cocoa powder cut the sweetness), moist (coffee creamer), but not too moist (wheat bran,) chewy (coconut,) and rich (nuts). I really wanted to throw some prunes in to make it chewier and darker in color but I didn’t have any.

      I suggest that you try it as soon as possible! Weston wanted me to make more, refrigerate and have for breakfast. But I knew that I would zombie walk for them in the middle of the night and inhale them before dawn!

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