WOE #5; Coconut Shrimp and Healthy Substitutions

Being a budding dietetics student, I love adding to my bag of nutrition tricks and discovering healthy replacements for unhealthy ingredients to use in recipes.  Sometimes I use different ingredients simply because we don’t have the one that the recipe calls for in the house.  Normally, if it turns out, the finished product is better for you because my pantry’s closest substitution is often healthier than the one that the original recipe called for.  Other times, I intentionally use substitutions in attempt to make the dish healthier.  Add a tablespoon of flax seed to the chicken’s breading?  Why not?  Put a pinch of wheat germ in the apple crisp’s crumbles?  Can’t hurt.

Being so carefree with my little cooking experiments has also lead me to add to my bag of Do-Not-Do nutrition tricks.  From time to time, I completely wreck recipes because I get so carried away.  I can always find a way to destroy a fine recipe if I want to make it “healthy” enough, producing mutant brownies and blue bean cookies from outer space.  For example, my “healthy” Blueberry Cobbler was moist and dense but in a soggy brick-like way and the birds wouldn’t even touch my apple bran oat cookies after we broke them with a hammer and scattered the broken bits.  Turns out…there is a fine line between healthy and edible.

Here is a picture of the coconut shrimp that we enjoyed last night.  In this case, we followed the back of the shredded coconut bag perfectly and as you can see they turned out perfect.  Shrimp is one ingredient that we don’t mess with…even if they were on Manager Special.

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