Saved and Kept (Possibly Part One)

If you visit LifesLemons regularly, you knew that this post was coming.  I mentioned it before in my tea post, “Have You Met My Teas?”  You remember, the one where I shared with you my collection of tea and described how it continues to grow infinitely, instead of becoming depleted and replaced like normal food inventories.  (I’m drinking much more of it now FYI and vow NOT to buy another box until I am down to three or less….unless it is super cheap, unless it looks absolutely divine, or unless it promises insane health benefits that are wilder than my wildest dreams.)  Yet, this is a story about my personal affection towards Tupperware and other small containers; why I save them, why I keep them, and two theories of why I do so.

To me there is just something about having the right size of container at the right time.   Need a place to store your stack of laundry quarters?  Bam!  Mini MnMs tubes.  Unsightly toilet brushes can be stashed in plastic ice cream buckets.  Don’t just toss your expensive diamond earrings in a suitcase when you go on vacation.  That’s what empty bareMinerals pots are for.  I’m pretty high maintenance.  My jewelry hangs from a broken shishkabob stick in a glass Mason jar.  Divas like me prefer their chocolate milk shaken not stirred.  Jelly jars perfect for the trick.  I’ve been known to scold Weston for throwing away plastic cottage cheese containers, “What’s wrong with you?! You know these are the perfect size for minced onions!”

Origin: My dad.  He’s the same way because apparently, little food containers are perfect for storing nuts, bolts and other knick-knack hardware.  He uses Folgers cans, pickle jars, and metal Altoid boxes; his friend finishes off a box and and he asks, “You gonna throw that away? Can I have it?”  He’s got the mintiest zip ties around.

Alternate Origin:  In my youth I was in charge of cleaning the kitchen after dinner.  I cleared the table, stored the leftovers, and wiped all surfaces.  I prided myself in correctly guessing the right size and shape Tupperware for all extra food.   It’s such a good feeling when the last scoop of mashed potatoes fits comfortably under the plastic lid without squishing out.  Furthermore, shape of container matters too.  It is ideal to store leftover green bean casserole in something wide and shallow to preserve top-layer-french-fried-onion-crispiness.  During cleanup, if we didn‘t have the right kind with the right lid I was reluctant to use another.  The next best option was normally three sizes too big and it made me feel defeated to not have the right size.  Nobody likes to feel defeated, especially against mashed potatoes.

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3 Responses to Saved and Kept (Possibly Part One)

  1. Margie says:

    Sitting here drinking a hot cup of tea and catching up on your blogs. I know every time I read them I’ll pick up some tidbit to try or to tell someone about. Seems that things are going great for you. I miss you and the invite for you and Weston to visit is always open. Take care.

    • Molly says:

      Oh Margie thank you. I’m so glad when you stop by Lemons. If there’s ever a time that we could get away to come visit you in Texas, and break your hot tub again, we would surely love to. Tell Cooper we said Hi.

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