Flying Solo but Having Fun in Good Amounts

H,a,double l,o,w, double e,n.

Did you know that I’ve updated my About page?  Check it out.  Have you visited the new MW’s Bee’s page that’s listed above?  It’s worth a click too.  How ’bout the Jingle Bell Run link?  Did you notice it?  I’ve been busy.  Go on…I’ll be here when you get back.  

I love nights that include “good” amounts of fun; amounts that do not hinder my ability to have fun on the following day.  “Good” amounts as in, “plentiful” but also “with prudent care” to allow the consecutive day’s fun to be maximized with little remorse and/or woe.  Weekend fun is best when it’s distributed.  This picture depicts a Saturday night filled with my “good” fun, allowing me to enjoy Sunday as well.  Happy Halloween Lemons Readers!  Hope you have your “good” amount of fun…

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