Sundaes on Sunday

You may have clicked over with hopes of seeing my creamy, dreamy, ice creamy treat.  You may have thought as the page loaded, “How nice of Molly to enjoy a treat, she could use one after all.” Sorry to disappoint.  There is no picture of the sundaes that I ate.

Now, I’m not saying that the Sundaes were not had.  They were all had.  They were eaten in haste, no time for picture.  Let’s get real.

Moderation is a difficult concept for someone like me who will go “balls-to-the-walls” for the things that they care about most.  If I take a short run,  I may return an hour later.  If you give me the lead in a play, I’ll spend hours perfecting the character to my satisfaction.  If I’ve got a good idea to write this post about mindful eating on LifesLemons, I’ll stay up until 12:30, 1, 2 to get it done.  Offer me a sundae on Sunday?  Make it chocolaty with salted almond…Better make two more, I’m almost finished with this one.

When I learn about food and how it effects the body I feel as though I have an advantage.  I can learn about nutrition all that I want, but there comes a time when little runner girls like me crave carbs… and fat… and carbs.  Then everything that she’s learned about blood sugar levels and triglycerides go out the window.  I’ve been known, I’ll have you know, to make ice cream sundaes for breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner.  Sundaes on Sunday are not uncommon meals for someone whos body thinks that they’re constantly being chased by a mountain lion.  (Like the old days.) These persons have killer primitive Fight or Flight/Feast or Famine survival instincts that kick in at a moment’s notice!  “Mountain lion. (Pant, pant) Out of sight. (Pant, pant) Must. Eat. While. Can.  (Pant, pant) Then. Continue. Running.”  When your body craves these things (and I mean really “I’d-give-up-my-first-born-son” craves these things) it may be a sign.  Don’t try to ignore it and go eat a salad instead because you’ll just raid the freezer later.  After don’t try to cancel it out with a salad either.  It’s over.  The damage is done. It’s a sunk cost.  Stewing greens in your gut will only make matters worse.

Let’s get real again.  Balancing the notion “food as fuel” and “food as pleasure” is a slippery slope.  Telling a foodie to “eat to live not live to eat” is like slapping their wrist.  That is why mindful eating can be so difficult, it’s an art really.  Yet, Sundaes on Sunday happen indefinitely.  They’re a part of life and not worth beating yourself up over. It may be easier to think of them as fuel for running in an hour or next week.  Just pretend each little nut morsel that was frantically cracked inside a Poptart wrapper with the side of a butcher knife and added to your sundae will help you outrun the mountain lion.  It is also important to know that sweets-in-moderation and intuitive eating are just as important as healthful eating.

There are many advantages to mindful eating.  It’s a learned discipline that I’m working on this November.  (That, and moderation.)  If you too are trying your hand at eating mindfully this November it’d be cool if you’d comment below, share this post, or copy/paste the Sundaes on Sunday image link somewhere that you and others can become aware and reminded (like Facebook 😉 .)

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