Pizza as a Vegetable

Sorry I’ve been MIA.  Wrapping up classes.  Just wrote an extra credit article for my foods class, thought I’d share…

Have you heard?  School children can get a vegetable serving from the thin smear of tomato paste on their pizza, two tablespoons to be exact.  Originally the USDA attempted to only allow half of a cup to be considered a vegetable but turns out it’s too much to put on one slice of pizza; so two tablespoons will just have to do.  In attempt to limit starchy vegetables such as corn, peas (7g fiber, 8g protein/cup) and french fries (which are already a vegetable haven’t you heard) congress is frantic to offer lunches that students will eat while still meeting dietary guidelines.  School lunches are required to provide one-third of students’ Recommended Dietary Allowances for calories as well as protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, and Calcium.  “Pizza as a Vegetable” is just one example of how society’s standards have gradually been lowered in order to meet protocol.  Yet, this sort of leniency has hurt not helped our health.  One out of every three children and adolescents are overweight.

At this rate, “Baked with Real Fruit” Wildberry Poptarts will eventually count as fruit (if it doesn’t already) and the Frosted Strawberry Milkshake flavor will be dubbed dairy.  The writing is on the wall, as it already seems to impress consumers that Pop Tarts are “Baked with Real Fruit.”  Indeed.  If fruit-seeking shoppers read the ingredients list paragraph long enough (past sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and palm oil) they will eventually encounter a faint trace it (just before Blue #2 and the leavening agents.)  Before long, “Baked with a Real Oven” will grace the cover of our beloved boxed “fruits” and shoppers will think nothing of it.  Rather, they will be impressed that Kellogg’s went old-school by using an oven and didn’t pop the tarts into the high-tech cooking device of our future.

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One Response to Pizza as a Vegetable

  1. Ripp says:

    Wow that was deep! Does the fast paced life styles dictate or the companies that sell the idea of easey and need… for quick (energy packed) foods (with real fruit) get the credit for the marketing snow jobs. Being the total synic…I think.. to find out how the requirements have been able to slip so far you should follow the money. Big money, and big business have always greased the wheels and will always grease the wheels in Wahington. How to change this global fat problem is huge. Good Luck! Your next extra credit paper could be on how much more expensive eating healthy costs. I’m glad to see you totally get this.

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