His and Hers Splurges

Our Monday night grocery list and bill is normally pretty lean.  Weston and I normally need milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, salad vegetables, and sometimes meat.  Our adequacy in the “ingredient-type-groceries” department is thanks to my mom who will sometimes take me to Super Wal-Mart when she visits.  (Thanks Again Mom!!)  Don’t worry, we repay her by taking her out to lunch… and by “taking her out to lunch” I mean, going out to lunch with her and letting her win the “I’ll Buy” argument.  Pesky things like quinoa, Truvia, ranch, and olive oil add up.  And when you have a little diva in the house (Weston) who’ll only eat brand name ketchup, they add up quickly.

Last night’s trip to the grocery store was a rare occurrence because we got some indulgences (splurges) that we don’t normally keep in the house.  Personally, I’d rather gobble up a CinnaMeltHotFudgeSundae at McDonnalds than dual a box of danishes every time I step into our kitchen.

At the store our conversation halted (as it normally does) when we approached the bakery section, but when I saw Weston undress the pumpkin rolls with his eyes while they were glazed over, I knew it was game over.  It was almost comical to watch his wheels turn.  He 1. looked longingly at the golden bumps beneath the shiny plastic sheath, 2. considered the consequences (sarcastic harassment from me,) 3. deemed them worth it and therefore 4. carefully placed them in our cart.    

This was okay, because I was looking for a reason to buy whole wheat pastry flour for the first time and try an almost-vegan cookie recipe.  Maybe if I had a reason to buy chocolate chips, I could make a batch (a teeny tiny batch…just in case they’re any good.)  Weston’s pumpkin rolls sort of gave me the green light for putting pastry flour in our cart and if I played my cards right, recipe experimentation may be on the nights agenda!  

We were already planning to make calzones for dinner so when Weston got pepperoni for his, I opted for chocolate chips…. for my cookies (not calzone.)  As a bonus Monster energy drinks were on sale so he got a few, meaning soymilk for me, for the cookie recipe of course!  Okay, so I could have used 2%, but why when I had leverage?  Plus, soy milk is a great alternative to cows milk.  This variety has 3g of fiber, (cow’s milk has none) almost no sugar, (cow’s milk has 12 g) and less saturated fat.  The protein content is almost the same (cow’s milk has 2 g more.)

In the end, Weston enjoyed pumpkin rolls along side his pepperoni calzone and I had teeny tiny batch of almost-vegan cookies with my meatless one.  Both splurges, as I write this, are long gone.

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3 Responses to His and Hers Splurges

  1. Mama says:

    Speaking of our shopping lunch date… I am planning a visit for Friday.

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