Tonight’s Project: Christmas Corn

Me and homemade popcorn go way back.  I made it for my eighth grade demonstrative speech.  I’m sure my Mom can remember me standing at the stove for two hours straight, on a school night, after a track meet (still in my uniform,) cursing my decision to demonstrate the art of homemade popcorn and bring it in for the entire class.  I’m sure my Dad can remember me sitting on his lap, in my jammies, sharing popcorn and a root beer float at my Grandmas’ before he went off to work and I to bed. 

“You better learn how to make this Moll…” Dad warned early on referring to his mom’s popcorn, as if I were the last generation capable of making it from scratch.  But she is The Best at making it and taught me before I turned eight.  Before I knew how to fry eggs.  Before I knew how to bake cookies or make muffins.  Before I knew how to cook cornbread, sautee shrimp, or butter a browned apple cheddar toastie I knew how to pop corn.  It is the first thing (other than a mess) that I can ever remember making in the kitchen.

Stove top popcorn requires more than just fingers capable of pressing microwave buttons and a 2nd grade reading level (for checking the recommended popping time.)  To make it, you’re going to have to buy some oil, dirty a sauce pan, and probably the hardest part…find the lid that fits your pan.   Homemade Caramel corn requires much more than that; and if you’re up for it, it’s worth making…once a year.

Tonight was the perfect night for such a project; Weston’s off taking his last final and I’m feeling festive.  I was going to step-by-step it for you with detailed description…like a goooood blogger….but since I’m exhausted from making it all, have a kitchen full of dirty dishes, and Weston will get home soon and want the computer, here is my night in pictures with a brief description.

1.) Round up necessary ingredients.

2.) Make your caramel.

3.) Coat your corn with caramel in the giant boxes Bromann let you take home Wednesday. 

4.)  Don’t hold back…dirty all of your cookie sheets and muffin pans to bake at 250 for 45 min.

4.) Face your kitchen.  Note:  The goal here is to make as many dishes with the most cement-like ingredient possible.  In fact, feel free to turn your kitchen into a complete disaster zone.  If it’s kept tidy, you’ll want to make this caramel corn more often and then it won’t be as special.

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5 Responses to Tonight’s Project: Christmas Corn

  1. This reminds me that I need to make caramel corn this weekend!

  2. Mama says:

    Yum… are you bringing your mom some?

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