A New Years Resolution; For and From Someone Who Doesn’t Do Them

When I was first invited to write LOOP’s New Years blog post, I immediately started brainstorming.  I couldn’t resist all of the overused and cliché New Years themes that flooded my mind.  These themes involve resolutions, new beginnings, and promises that we make to ourselves and are actually surprised if we’re still abiding them come February.  Coming from someone who takes great pride in creating thought-provoking and true-to-thyself articles, it would be against my beliefs to compose something along the lines of, “Hey Yall, better get the bad 2011 behavior out of your system now because after December 31st’s 11:59 p.m. we’re changing our naughty ways!”  For the reason that I’m the type of person who believes that when someone aspires to change for the better, their start date should not be influenced by a date on the calendar.  For example, if today is Wednesday and your goal is to religiously take your dirty shoes off at the front door, why would you wait until Saturday and knowingly track in filth?  I just don’t get it.

At the same time the start of a new year can be a fantastic reason for someone to make  changes and perhaps that is why you clicked over; hoping to read LOOP’s New Year’s Resolution blog post and exchange healthy promises with other riders who wish to do the same.  If you are one of those people who hold out to make your resolutions when the calendar turns January great and if your goal for 2012 is to exceed your longstanding fitness goals, even better.  We at LOOP certainly look forward to helping you work towards that goal and seeing you arrive with the vast influx of other indoor cyclists who have also decided to make a fresh commitment in hopes of achieving optimistic objectives.  Our pay-as-you-go system and ten plus classes offered every day of the week is sure to suit your fitness fancy.

But if you’re like me, sort of anti-New-Years-Resolution but rather pro-whenever-the-heck-you-want-resolution, you’ll implement positive changes throughout the year as soon as you see fit.  Furthermore, if the change happens to involve improving your fitness level, LOOP Cycling Studio and LOOP Studio 2 can help practically 365 days a year.  Although we don’t offer services that remind you to take dirty shoes off at your front door; when your desire to indoor cycle strikes, whether it be today January 1, 2012 or July 2nd, at 3:53, on a Wednesday afternoon, we’ll be here to support you and cheer you on every step peddle stroke of the way.

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