Excuse for Pancakes

I love company.  I mostly love an excuse to make pancakes for breakfast, but I love company too.

So when my mom on the phone last night said that Mason didn’t have school today; I went from cleaning my stove to an interstate gas station to meet them, in three seconds flat.  Weston and I proceeded to transform him into a college student.   And by “transform him into a college student” I mean we took him on public transportation, made popcorn, and stayed up late on our respective computers. 

My mom was a little concerned that Mason didn’t have a decent overnight toothbrush.  So we picked one up at CVS.  And by, “picked one up at CVS” I mean we had a junk food run to fuel our late night computer surfing.

If ever you’re in the area and want to be transformed into a college student, give us a call.  Especially if you love pancakes.

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2 Responses to Excuse for Pancakes

  1. Mama says:

    I would like to be transformed!!

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