Excuse for Greek Yogurt Pound Cake

I love company.  I mostly love a reason to try a new recipe, but I love company too.

On Wednesdays, Weston and I get to play “House” (even more than we already do.)  In this series, Weston is cast as the husband and I the doting wife.  Alex, a friend from high school, arrives, (only he really is a friend from high school) we all sit down for dinner, and pretend to be grown-ups.  Eventually Alex goes home, Weston plays video games with his other friend, we’ll call him Tyler (a long lost war hero) and we look forward to next Wednesday.

Tonight, the combination of soon-to-expire Greek yogurt and an urge to use my spring form pan compelled me to concoct this little beauty.  Greek yogurt pound cake, layered with pistachio pudding.  Pinterest worthy?  I think so.  If you like pound cake, are ever in the area, and want to have a role in our “House” let us know.  We’re always looking for “extras.”

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