Doughnuts for Dinner

Earlier this evening we were taking it easy.  Weston was watching ESPN and I was on the couch next to him browsing Pinterest (an online craft, quote, do-it-yourself, recipe, cute picture, good idea, all-things-unique website.)  Whenever I visit the site, I’m a sucker for things that are food and fitness related.  Tonight I stopped scrolling briefly to admire a certain doughnut recipe that appeared too easy to be true.  You may already know my soft spot for cinnamon/sugar doughnuts.  I contemplated the recipe’s nonexistent complexity and elbowed Weston.  “Mmmm….You cut the middles out of raw refrigerator biscuits, fry in canola oil, dip in butter, roll in sugar/cinnamon,” I explained.  Weston jumped up so fast that we went from the couch, to a doughnut-making assembly line, to the table eating doughnuts for dinner in ten minutes flat.

At a Nutrition Club meeting that I attended last night, the guest speaker explained that it may be “therapeutic” for doctors, nurses and patients to see their dietitian eating not-so-healthy foods such as french fries in the cafeteria during lunch every now and again.  Seeing this may reinforce the classic phrase, “Everything in Moderation” and prove that the preached can be practiced.  So let it be known, that this little nutrition student had moderate amount (two and a half) of small homemade doughnuts for dinner.  “Therapeutic” indeed.

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3 Responses to Doughnuts for Dinner

  1. Aunt mae says:

    Molly, they really look good.


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